ICE gotz muh man

No, not the baby daddy! How could ICE just rip this husband and father away from his kids and deport him. I’m sure he is in for something else.

For some reason the cable company charges her every month, if you can believe that. With out that money, he can’t talk to their nine kids. Wait 9?

That is a bit much, I don’t think she has fired out 9 kids. I could only find 5 on her page. Which of course leads to another problem.

Wait, you are separated?

Funny, if he was here illegal, why would you bring him to court for child support? Nah, maybe a different baby daddy?

I’m guessing the turd sitting in jail is this ass munch.

That just looks like an episode of Live PD waiting to happen.

Notice the date in the comer.

Well good luck with that Amanda, maybe this will work out better than your last fundraising attempt.

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