Total BS

So as you guys know I have found a few groups where people ask for money. The stories may be real, maybe fake, and some people just want pizza. At the end of the day, they seem like groups of people that just want to help others in need out.

This guy got in and is feeding these people a line of shit to get money. That just ain’t right.

No they didn’t. The only way that would happen is if you committed fraud. Fraud is falsely representing something to obtain money. I wonder what that would be?

Oh, good, he thinks he is God’s photographer. He even has a flat brimmed hat !!!! He claims to be the owner of that company.

And please explain why if you are broke, you have no problem showing off the food you went out to eat?

I’ll make it simple. leave these people alone. Delete your request for money from them. Find find something else to do. I’m sure you don’t want this getting around, right “Minister”?

Yup, he also claim to be a man of the Lord.

Thou shall not steal !!

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