So, what are we missing

Oh boy, because we all know the way to lure women in is to, um, post used furniture for sale?

Yup, that brings the women in. Especially all the hot ones like Lisamarie.

I can hear ” I want to speak with the manager” from here. But she is a “victim”, just look at the messages he sent.

Oh, thats it? That is all she posted. Definitely sexual predator talk.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. It seems more like she dragged this out with a million questions or trying to haggle, etc. He finally got annoyed with it, threw an attitude and now she is claiming harassment. Enjoy your Facebook sympathy.

PS, it took 4 seconds to figure out the little girl on his page is his niece, so nice try making hom look like some horrible dad who has a young girl at home.

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