I want OFF!

Please stop the world I want to fucking jump off!

I saw an add and the literal rabbit hole I fell down was amazing. I’m not going to post it all , you can lose a whole day yourself. It’s like a car wreck I couldn’t stop looking at these , what ever they are.

I just don’t understand and I don’t want to

I have been to zombie conventions and I think the people there that dress up are idiots too, but this is a THING. Comicon is NOT all year for normals. These non binary beings do it on the regular and refer to each other as their animal names ALL the time. It’s fucking weird. Walking dead are COOL! So it’s just different.

I want to know how they eat, drink and piss?? Again not really.

Sooooo weird. Besides the fact that I can go to Joann fabrics and make my own stupid tale if I wanted one. Just look at a single example of what they attract to their groups and posts. Super cool and normal.

John Williamson has issues.

Weird sweatshirts too!

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