Anybody got insurance?

Of course they took off because, well, its Chicopee. Any other city a hit and run would leave one person standing around doing the right thing. But out there one can only guess. Was it because their Honda may not be what you call ” legal”, they were on a delivery run for their narcotics business, they had a warrant or were both under the influence. Pick one or all.

One commentor had an idea which also seems feasible.


Which make sense why they would want the parts back off the street. Doesn’t work if you don’t have full insurance. Of course the scam is a little more complex than that.

What they will do is take a plate number of a car they see in the area. Contact the police saying mystery car hit them and left and they just want to file an insurance claim so they can obtain insurance info. File the claim and hope that nobody notices and the check is in the mail.

That isn’t made up, I lived it. I received a call from my insurance company claiming I rear ended someone on the turnpike and left without stopping. The ” victim ” called the state police with my plate number claim no damage no injuries but just needed my info because it was a family members car just in case. Then filed a claim for $4000 in damage to his car.

Of course, you guys know me. The gloves came off. I sent pictures of every inch of my car. Called a friend with the state police who tracked down the trooper that took the call, got every piece of info I could on this guy and turned up the heat. Turns out the car he claims I hit doesn’t belong to the plate the police had on file, it was on some shady ass used car lot. ( I forgot the name of the place and I didn’t want to post anything while the claim was open). And you will never guess what happened.

Nice try buddy !


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