Throwback Thursday: Aqua Net is bad

Remember hairspray? No less Aqua Net, the brand that was in every home.

I’m pretty sure between my mom and sister went went through enough of this stuff to be personally responsible for global warming. But you had to have the big hair.

And for you guys that think she is hot, that is Axl Rose from Guns N Roses. Not a chic. Surprised? Hair band, need I say more.

So it also turns out Aqua Net is flammable. In January of 1984 Michael Jackson learned all about it. While filming a Pepsi commercial a pyrotechnic went off early landing on his head. The hairspray and whatever else he had in there then caught on fire. ( I don’t know the brand, so don’t blame Aqua net)

I’m sure the fire departments were glad to see that trend end. You can still buy it, just not in the aerosol can. But if you are yerning for the 1980’s look in the bathroom.

$40 for a can of stuff we went through like it was toilet paper. Now that I think about it, my parents just remodeled the bathroom, maybe that was a lost can under the sink.


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