No discount part 2

After writting my quick blog about Matf Alfonso being a total dick to someone selling and item, the flood gates opened on this class act.

Yeah, that gem. aAnice follower got him to friend her because he figured it was a girl so she must want him.

It so hard to work and earn things when staring at this all day.

Nah, you couldn’t survive without seeing his explorer of nasty holes.

Well he is either hoping MTV will want him for a new show or a porn producer will call, got to be ready for both.

And of course bragging about all his tattoos and piercings.

Because he is a keeper!

But it turns out when he isn’t trying to impress girls online with his crack house strip routine, he likes to steal dogs and sell them .

So he allegedly buys this dog only to find out that where he lives is to small for a dog? If that didn’t confuse you.

Ok, so he buys a dog to keep it at someone else’s house, but can’t do that so he gives it to his sister for free because he just wants the dog to have a good home. Or he could just not have bought the dog in the first place. The whole story makes no sense.

Once again, not following this. Now he claims we went in on paying for half the dog with someone else? Like a building or business?

Now I get it. So my theory is somehow he got this dog. My guess is he o3nky gave them some of the money with a promise to return, but never did. He probably sent the a dick pic instead. Then quickly tried to flip the dog for a profit but got called out on it.

In conclusion there is only two definite things I can say. I have not idea the fate of the dog. And this guy is clearly a big piece of shit.

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