I eat *%&^

Deputies say a Lake City man was arrested after he refused to remove a derogatory sticker from the back his truck.

A deputy pulled over 23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb Sunday after seeing the derogatory sticker on the back window of the brown Chevrolet truck, according to his arrest report.

The deputy told Webb the reason for the traffic stop, and Webb reportedly got “very defensive” and stated, “they’re just words.”The police report says the deputy asked Webb how a parent would explain the meaning of the words “I eat ass” to a small child, and Webb said it would be up to the parent.The deputy issued Webb a notice to appear for an obscene material charge, a second-degree misdemeanor.The deputy then asked him to remove one of the letters from the sticker so the statement would no longer be derogatory.

The report says Webb refused and informed the deputy he would not remove the sticker because of his first amendment right.The deputy arrested Webb for resisting an officer without violence.Webb has since bonded out on both charges, according to the jail log.Webb told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he plans to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the sheriff’s office.

He said he is fighting the charges and will defend his constitutional right to free speech.”I’m tired of police forces thinking they are above the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” Webb told the AP

He should first specify males ass or female. Although I don’t think he gets female ass much, and I’m sure its nasty when he does.

I hate to say it, but the loser is right. They are just words. No pictures or anything. The officer has a point that it may not be appropriate, but any good parent when asked can just say nothing and change the topic.

I have a hard time figuring Florida out 1 out of every 3 residents is a piece of trash, yet they seem to act like they have morals down there or something. Just ask 2 Live Crew. They said me so horny and got arrested.

I’m not sure what to even say on this one, both sides are right. I don’t agree with him being arrested for not removing it on the spot, that does seem extreme and a bit of abuse of power. All I can say, is maybe not to put your preferred choice of dining on a sticker for the world to see. And don’t let Mark Zuckerbergs brother the cop see it.


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