keepin it real !!

OMG you guys, Drakco here is placing an ad for a side piece of ass to slip his sperm javelin inside. She had to have fallen out of her mama between 1992-1998, because, he don’t want to have to wait for you to get home from school.

Dude, what ya doin, youz already got one baby momma, you really want another one? What if they don’t get along?

This was suppose to be on the down low. Which is why he put it out at 3pm, most of the ho’s in Springfield are just waking up for the day.

The Larry came in, he has a code for his hooker, talk like she is a car.

Can you get a credit account with a hooker?

It was easy to figure out Drakco was joking and most that read it had a good laugh. Brace yourself for the one person that cries admin on you . But if you ask me, you totally get a free pass for

Most likely being the only black guy in Western Mass that is a Dale Earnhardt fan.

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