Where can I park?

Oh no, Jason got a parking ticket. In full disclosure, I have no clue about this area. But Plymouth didn’t exactly invent the parking meter.

I don’t if Plymouth make real cops do this or ifDPW guys brother in law gets to be parking enforcement and wear a cool badge. But what I do know is you shouldn’t call yourself a “pimp at UPS” Jason.

Moving on.

Pay the meter. Makes sense. Who would have thought? And how would a grace period work? Unless someone stands there with a stop watch everyone would say there just got there.

I’ll answer that question. It is always 5 minutes or 15 minutes. No more, no less. 7 years of driving a tow truck and if I had a buck everytime I heard that Iwould have retired before I reached 30.

I wonder what he had for lunch? Since it probably cost $50 with the ticket.

For the most part everyone seemed to agree he should have fed the meter and now just has to deal with the ticket.

One guy even shared his ticket.

I can agree that there should be a spot or two if you are just picking up food, like a loading and unload zone. But some lazy ass will just park there all day and ruin it.

So until then, keep two quarters in the car and remember expired equals ticket.

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