No visitors !

Rules to rent, just like living at home. No visitors ! You got a girl, she better have her own place. No friends, sorry kids, you can’t got to dad house. You aren’t allowed.

Then there is the post. Most clean after our self? So not everyone does and how many scummy guys live in this place? Don’t leave anything of value, because only most work. But you must have “prove ” of income and a cori check, not that it means much.

No visitors! You go visit them! I dont know who looks creepier, the one guy interested or the landlord.

That doesn’t scream ” that is the house with all the weird guys”.

That is a good question Robert. Just say they are there as independent contractors.

Nobody goes outside until that damn floor is vacuumed!

Its a shit shower shave, if you do that and do it fast. Try to remember not to leave your hair everywhere and flush the toilet when you are done.

I don’t think your roomates are fans of a guy who wants people to work for things, so I would leave the Trump sign behind.

The doors are locked from 10 pm to 6 am because the guy in room 3 is under house arrest. Plus we dont want you sneaking a girl in when nobody is awake.

Sounds like a great place to live. I’ll be packing up and leaving everyone behind ASAP!

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