Trash Truck 500

If you have never taken in a NASCAR race, I truly recommend it. Besides being the only sport where you can bring your own beer, it really is kind of a working guys party around the tracks. And before anyone says driving a race car doesnt make you an athlete, 6 time chapion Jimmy Johnson ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 9 minutes . But that not why we are here.

Just like any large tailgating event, trash will be left. And the folks at the Talladega Speedway had some fun with it.

I think we got the bananas covered.

Goes well with mayo and tires with no tread.

We aimed for the trash can, but it kept moving.

No doubt someone got half way home and said ” oh shit my pillow is missing.”

I can’t top that one.

Did someone set a chair on fire?

Well, it was hot down in Alabama.

Oh come on! Who beings a whole couch? And then doesn’t post it on Facebook as free ?

4 eh? Each can represents one case of beer.

Well, the mannequin was hurting the fuel mileage.

So NASCAR is no worse than any other tailgate party or the Red Sox dugout.

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