Dre and Biggie stealin

Honestly, this is the most low life pick pocket crimes if you ask me. Stealing someones wallet when they are buying food, with money they actually worked for. But lets take a look at the suspects.

Are you kidding? Did this guy also steal Fat Albert’s warbore? How did he possibly go into a grocery store and steal a wallet? I would believe he stole enough food to feed a army and then got winded and had to take a break during his getaway.

No doubt that he is a regular at the Chic-fil-a and probably been asked to leave Golden Corral more than once for abusing the all you can eat buffet. I’m sure there is a plumber or two that have had to deal with his aftermath.

Then you got his partner in crime washed up Dre. This crime had to have happened after noon because he aint geting up that early on his 7000th consecutive day off from work.

So if you know Heavy D and the boyz or see a car driving around with one guy puffing on a Kool 100 full of pot and leaning sharply toward the ground from the weight of the other guy, let the Chicopee police know.

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