Vermont, the spirit of America?

I actually can’t knock these, they are pretty cool. And until this, I always assume Vermont was just a place to ski, get maple syrup or buy over priced liberal ice cream from two fat guys.

The comments became a pro Trump rally all to their own.

So that is what you learned it College Wesley? If a man put up a Trump 2020 sign he maybe, just maybe, a Trump supporter? You don’t Liz Warren to forgive your loan, just go ask for a refund.

Well said Justin.

Spoke like a true democrat Jim ! because that it what people really care about. We know he runs a big corporation and make alot of money. I don’t need Liz and Bernie tell me all about how they are more like me because they only have a few million in the bank.

They are flags painted on pallets. If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. The poster removed the ad, even though it seems to be more supportive than not. I attempted to message her to ask a few questions, but so far have not gotten a response.

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