I’ll take the Drano myself.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Police have arrested a woman in South Salt Lake on suspicion that she fed her boyfriend drain cleaner with the intention to kill him.

A jail booking report shows that 43-year-old Elle Yoshio Weissman was arrested Tuesday after telling investigators she had given her live-in boyfriend Drano so he would enter “an eternal sleep.”

Police were called to a local urgent care center where the man was being treated after Weissman told medical staff that she had slipped her boyfriend Drano. She said her boyfriend thought she was giving him medicine.

South Salt Lake police detective Gary Keller says the 50-year-old victim survived and is being treated at a local hospital.

Ready to meet the now ex girlfriend Elle?

I don’t know what that is? Man, woman, both? If I had to wake up to that everyday I would down the whole bottle of Drano on my own. Bottoms up !!!

Either Elle has had a hard 43 years or really wanted to be a washed bass player in a band that plays small clubs but thinks they ” big time”. Sounds like the boyfriend survived, hopefully they don’t get back together.

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