Bad boy at Walmart

Walmart the first few days of the month is, well. a scary place. It is always fun watching a “desabled” person load a 80 inch tv into a cart then their Escalade with low profile tires.

Then this wonderful post appeared then disappeared.

Well thankfully you were there to take a picture of them calmly waiting in line. He looks like he is in fear of mama.

The Chicopee Walmart is , well, its Chicopee. Where the ” our check is bigger than yours ” Springfield people go. A place to avoid unless you must.

Honestly, if the kid acted up and she gave him a wape or two, good. The lack of discipline out there is scary. But I don’t think this lady did anything, someone just wanted to be a Facebook hero.

She put it on Facebook, that is good enough, we don’t need the cops. Walmart security? Oh ya. They are so well trianed in child abuse.

Savanah wanted the post deleted and I think I know why.

Is she the woman in the picture? Either way, I don’t think it is what Michele wanted us to believe it was, which is why she only reported it to the proper authorities, a Facebook page.

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