Time to go fishing !

Time for another trip through the Plenty of Fish personals.

Meet sexymelissa1991. Her hobbies include dog filters and drinking.

Some advice Melissa, don’t drink well making a personals ad.

Rosegreen420 couldn’t put up a picture, ao you have to use your imagination.

Or just get high and she will get better looking with each hit.

Tashiieemariee is a bring home to mom type girl. She is so not psycho she put it on her picture.

She is so over being the side piece. Dating guys with lots of baby momma drama is also a turn off. Keep it real !

That isnt a mistake.

It has been a rough 24 years.

Did the tittoo dog filter and tongue ring give you a clue where this is going?

Should have a problem landing a man with that one girl! You’ll be his baby momma in no time.

Now now for our male suitors.

Manhkie420 is still single at age 34, can you believe it?

I’m going out on a limb that he drives for Uber full time and lives with his parents.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Since he didn’t bother to say anything.

If this stud from Chicopee hasn’t turned you on already, wait until you read what he wrote.

I’m sure there is no baby momma drama. Now go change your soaked panties, I’ll wait.

Were you on the toilet taking this bathroom selfie?

Ya bitches !

He is from Lowell so I don’t know if I need to say more, but is quote is great.

A ma? Keep the beard dude, you won’t get a woman with class anyway.

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