Throwback Thursday, New Coke

Back in 1985 Coca-Cola was losing the cola wars with Pepsi, so they came up with a plan. A new taste.

The new Coke had a sweeter taste to compete with Pepsi, and supposedly did well in testing. And then it hit market and replace the Coke we all know and love. Boom failure.

The fact that I was only 7 years old at the time and remember this should give you a clue about how big it was. Sales tanked and Coke had to come up with a plan. Some will say they did it on purpose, other theories have come out, but I still think it was just a bad call.

Less than three months later, orginal Coke returned. It was branded classic and orginal formula.

New Coke hung around for awhile, as New Coke and Coke II before slowing disappearing from shelves completely. Sales soared and put Coke on top, so New Coke lost the battle, but Coke won the war.

Below are the commercials that ran. The first one is the Coke launch commercial, and the second is the Pepsi response.

And Pepsi.

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