Room for us please

I can’t make this up, I thought it was a bad joke. This feels like at the end they will ask for 500 us dollar in exchange for a million. The I went to the guys page.

Go take some aspirin. I’ll wait.

That was the translation, but I’m sure it wasn’t better in spanish.

I can’t even go through this because I have no clue what the hell is happening. Only sum it up as he needs a place to live with his wife who he is catering?

Well, whatever. This may work in his favor. Just like when I don’t understand my 3 year old I just say ok. Next thing I know she is putting on her shoes thinking we are going to Disneyworld because I couldn’t understand her. ( no joke, actually happened, I miss understand mickey’s house which is what she called Disney when we went last year)

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