Trolling for love

So in one paragraph she seems to call him out as a creepy stalker then step back and just saying it was an odd conversation.

A little odd, but ok, nothing creepy yet. Stick with me on the screen shots, Shaina did a delete and retreat so I have to work with what I got.

In all fairness, it may have been going in either direction. Maybe he did have work for her, maybe he just wanted a date, or he really was a creep with an alternative motive. She did a complete delete and retreat when the comments fired up. Some that new this guy stepped in. She back pedaled from being a victim to just wanting work and not looking for love.

I’m guessing from the missing parts to the conversation, something else was said. We figure that out later. And asking for date doesn’t make you a creep. Turns out Shaina wasn’t quite the victim she wanted to be.

I have to agree. You declined, I dont see why that makes him a bad guy once again, unless the work was fake. But it doesn’t seem to be.

valid point Sean.

Where is the rest of the conversation Shaina?? There were missing parts from your screen shots and hours in between them? I’m guessing that is where the money offer and coversation about the actual job took place.

It seems to go back and forth like that, with almost everyone agreeing that he has a poor choice of words and timing, but Shaina is not going be the next face of the #metoo movement and is over reacting. Of friggin course she is, she wants sympathy job offers since she is a self employee painter.

Any questions on that one?

Should I go there and look for your profile ? We won’t be a good match, I don’t over react for attention. The best comment goes to Kevin.

Somebody is always watching !!!!

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