Liberal sitter wanted

The way this is worded cries typical Craigslist scammer, so I think it is an attempt to get personal information. but if it is real, holy hell !!! Who are you trying to get to sit for you, Rachel Rollins or Alxendira Ocasio-Cortez?

Lets be real, most of who is looking for summer babysitter gigs are high school and college girls. The off the wall Liberal girls don’t want to work, everything is suppose to be free remember?

Since when is ” are you a racist ? and what are your thoughts on ICE? ” a question you ask a potential sitter? I guess you could be an illegal yourself and have a criminal record, but if you don’t like ICE you may be in !

Yeah kids, will get some ice cream after the rally as long as I don’t need the money for bail.”

Maybe it is just me, but if I hire a sitter I want it to be someone trust worthy, the kids will be safe with and get along with, and follows the rules. Screaming liberals need not apply.

No thanks.

PS, refusing to hired someone based on political believes is discrimination, so it has to suck being a hypocrite.

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