I take your undies !!

Is this how it starts? They steal laundry right out of the washer and then sell it as ” only worn once”? Next time someone compliments your shirt you have to wonder if they are going to steal it later.

And take a look at the suspect. He looks like every bad guy Asian gangster in a movie. But don’t worry, After a brief kung fu fight Mel Gibson will win.

So what was stolen? Mens , womens, kids? Is he secretly a cross dress who just felt to weird about shopping at in the womens section of Old Navy? Its ok if you want to come out of the closet buddy, it is 2019.

We have all used laundry mats. And it was always safe to assume that you could leave your clothes and run some errands. So to have some shitbag steal your stuff shows how pathetically low this guy is.

I would love to know who he is or what was stolen, I got no shame in ragging on him.

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