Return of Homeless Mama

Back in January we found Chantel, the homeless girl with a kid looking for some new Ugg boots. It was so obvious she wan’t really homeless it hurt. Feel free to catch up on that story here.

She is back !!! And with a less than believable story than last time.

Oh stop. We know you aren’t spending every dime you have paying for a shelter. Plus

We have your mom, now aunt, 8 million pictures of you and your boyfriend, and your sister who drives you around.

So now that we have figured that out. The “I do no task for help unless I need it” means ” I need stuff from strangers to sell online since I have no job.” Oh, and where the hell did you get this?

Selling it at retail cost I see. Stay tuned, she is looking for a tent and I have a feeling she will post looking for camping equipment soon, you know, to take her kid on vacation of course.


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