Hold my Hash brown

A Connecticut motorist, who claimed he was eating a hash brown when police ticketed him for distracted driving last year, was found not guilty by a judge on Friday, NBC News reported.

Jason Stiber, 45, had refused to pay a $300 fine for the infraction and took his case to trial after a magistrate initially found him guilty.

“It was probably the most expensive hash brown in history, but it was worth it,” Stiber’s lawyer, John Thygerson, said on Friday, without revealing his fee. “People can take the path of least resistance, ‘OK, I’ll pay the fine.’ But others say, ‘No, I want to pay more for the principle.’ “

Wow Connecticut, we know you had issues but we din’t know it was that bad. Lets start with the hash brown. Unless it was spraying hot grease all over the place, in not something that could be distracting. If he had a Big Mac I might give you that one.

The we have the fine. $300 for a hash brown? Here is where it gets tricky. he goes to court and is found guilty. So what did they say in court he had, or just he was eating? And what does his driving record look like? Seems a bit extreme for a first offense or just not knowing the rules. Or of course he ran into a cop who has a hard on for being the asshole and giving everyone a ticket.

In the end he appealed and it got dismissed, but that doesn’t make a Mcdonalds has brown taste any sweeter.

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