Cum to bed

This one writes itself and goes down (no pun intended) as the worse typo yet. How cum ends up in the title is beyond me, well we could guess. I’m guessing she had some good times swapping love juices on this couch. And on to the comments.

Sorry Laura, after seeing cum bed, futon is a distant memory. Someone did Google cum for us.

Thanks Brooke. And no Dina, Kristin should find another futon. This one may be contaminated.

Im not sure if I want to go to Kevins house, but ok.

The funny part, it was posted earlier with a correct title.

You had it and you blew it! Literally.

Well Audra, well you are cumming in your bed, your guest can cum on the futon, thats how it works. Unless they are cumming in bed with you.

Relax Jo, its called humor. Everyone having fun on a Friday. Sounds like you need some cum. Best response to that one Bobby.

Nothing is worse the the sound of dry cum when you are trying to Netflix and chill.

The truly funny part is she actually did use the word in its correct non sexual meaning.

But 99.9 % of people will never use that word that way.

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