Mystery box and legal advice?

For only $10 Sheri will give you $15 dollars worth of crap she has in her house. Just go meet her at the comer store. At first I thought this was a crazy cat lady trying to put a few bucks in her pocket. She seems to have quite a bit of useless stuff for sale. Then a look at her page produced this flyer.

Are those darn crimes you committed keeping you back? Want to be able to check no on the box for convictions on a job application? Now you can !!

It turns out this is a real thing in Missouri. You can make get rid of one felony and two misdemeanors. Scary thought in some ways.

I’m all for redemption. if you made a mistake, pay for it and are determined to keep yourself on the right path, then a break may be due. But, if you decide to be a drug dealer, get caught, then you shouldn’t have the opportunity to become a state trooper years down the road ( if you don’t know that one by now, google Leigha Genduso)

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