Lost blog?

I Found this in the drafts section of TB Riders gmail. Looks like I wrote in in August but it never left the email.So enjoy it now


Remember turning 18? So many decisions to make. College, military, work or becoming the neighborhood drug dealer?

I’m totally guessing based on his mug shot he has done this before. Not bad for only 18 !

But like always when the Police post their accomplishments and shame people, the ratchet rescue squad comes with the fuck the police. Thankfully we even have one guy who disagrees with placing children in a safe home.

Maria thinks what we all  do, let’s give that kid a chance. Odds are this girl is young and far from done spitting out little future gang bangers, so she will have more than one chance to screw things up.  But here come the children’s champion to say how wrong that is.

Your are so right, Eliz. And don’t let the fact that your mom wanted a girl named Elizabeth stop you from being the voice for all.  The safest place for a baby is in house filled with drugs and a 18 yr old wannabe pulling a gun on the cops. What baby hasn’t taken a bullet or two in their shit filled diaper? But I am so sure the cops made the whole thing up, because Springfield is so crime free they can’t wait until you turn 18 to pin shit on you.Lets move on to the conspiracy theory patrol.

You got it big guy, that is how law enforcement works. Just tell them what you think and they will raid a house, no questions asked.  I’m sure they didn’t need a warrant or evidence or anything, just a tip. Was George their trying out for the role of next babies daddy?  But someone he knew that the Police beat this guy because he had no drugs, and hats off to the officers for clearly not landing one punch to the face. Oh and, not every American home has an unlicensed firearm loaded and under the bed just in case the 5-0 raid the joint.
The we come to this .

I have a feeling you may have been the mystery girl, but can’t prove it. Her profile has a baby in it and off course, the bathroom mirror  selfie ass shot

Get in line boys, it gets bigger with each trophy she fires out.  But lets not over look Elizabeth.  Another one who believes the cops made the whole thing up and are out to him because he isn’t white,.  She maybe from Connecticut,  but we know she is on her way thanks to the dog filter.

But I saved the best for last.

First, Havi, I wish he would go into the period selling business. You could use a few.  The amazing part is he in his own stupid way tried to make is sound like drug dealing is a needed service and this guy was just trying to provide it. Its not illegal or harmful at all if your just doing it for the kids, right?We know this loser will probably get low bail and may already be back in business because Mcdonalds has shit hours and low pay. 

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