Don’t tell me how to run muh bizness

I thought we were going to move passed Ghetto Ubers, but they just seem to keep coming back. Today two of them combined forces to tell people who point out what they are doing is illegal to stay out of there business.

Remember Ash, AKA” Hood Uber”, she is the Wilbraham division who I’m pretty sure uses her dads car to run a underground Uber, but looks good in a dog filter.

And with that we are off to the races.

Every time one goes up, Tony point out the obvious fact that this is illegal and dangerous.

Then Ashley started the defense.

Good point Ashley, but…

Sure, let me try. What they are doing is offering an unlicensed livery service. Since Massachusetts requires a background check and proper insurance to carry passengers for hire, regardless of what the ” customers ” situation is, you can not justify it.

Look who joined the fight ! La Patrona, AKA ” Ghetto Uber Franchisee ” . Swallow on a Easter egg, that is a new one I have no idea what it means. Would that be hard boiled or a chocolate egg? But, no you are doing a service for the community. Please stop pretending like your helping anyone . And Tony didn’t mind his own.

Husbend? Picked up by a knock out? is that a threat?

How much pot are you smoking. I don’t understand your intent, but I would recommend not offering people rides in your condition.

Bring food Tony, and don’t show up before noon, she will still be asleep. Seriously Tausha, you are about the least scary thing on the internet.

I know she has been on here before, just can’t remember which one.

Tony would Tausha but ghetto uber refused to pick him up. But please tell us all about how big and scary you are. Or show us some pictures.

Oh, you saved France from ISIS, you are a Warrior !!!!

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