Oh just shut the faq up already.

Guess who is back crying about Trump? No brainer, Chief Lizzie. At this point she is Mike Gaffney to Turtleboy. Losing her shit everytime she doesn’t get her way and take him down.

So now Warren is, brace yourself, once again demanding impeachment. Of course she took to Twitter. ( did you know I actually have a twitter account?)

Ok, please stop. If only your husband had balls he would tell you to knock it off, retire and go live in Florida.

We have been over this many times Liz. The Mueller report didn’t prove enough to justify it. The dems have been trying for 2 years and look who is still in office? If just wont work.

Even if you did, then Mike Pence is up next. Just take sexual harrassment right off the table with that guy.

So listen up Warren. We know you will say or do anything to get votes right now. You suck as a Senator, did you even know your a Senator from Massachusetts? Your Presidential campaign is so bad New Coke had a better run ( just in case you have no idea what that meant). Everytime you open your mouth it is some great way to spend government money on things that we don’t need, like more Trump investigations or reparations. Even Nancy Pelosi isn’t on board with your idea.

Since nobody around you will say it, I will. Please just shut the fuck up, retire and go away. It will be good for both you and the United States of America.

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