Nate from Barstool needs your nudes

At this point, I think it is safe to say most things Barstool Sports blogs about can be easily turned into a WTF blog. This showed up last night, and it was easy to figure out what was going on.

First, who the faq is Dan Bilzerian and why do we care? Ill save you the trouble, he is some trust fund guy who spends all his money on drugs, gambling, strippers and porn stars. A male instagram celebrity. I never knew who he was before this, and I dont care now.

And now on to the “blog”.

Same here, brother. Same here. I just cannot handle the large amounts of nudes I get DM’d to me on an every day basis. I can’t even open up my IG anymore without being flooded with naked pictures from girls who want to work for me. It’s like woah woah woah, pump the brakes ladies, I can only handle so many. Me n Dan Bilzerian, two peas in a pod.

And what makes it better is he doesn’t want the nudes, he wants you to DM what appears to be his associates.

That was the whole thing followed by six pictures that look like they are posters in a 15 year old boys room. Let me translate the blog for you.

” I want women to send me nude shots. Do you kmow how cool I will be when I show my buddies all the messages J get from naked ladies? Here is my Instagram, send them here. I have included samples below. “

I would love to send him nude shots of anyone but a hot woman, but I haven’t figured out the Instagram thing yet. And somehow the wtf page has 52 followers even though there isnt anything there.

So ya, now hiring a IG person who works for free.

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