Joe Biden goes to Stop & Shop

Oh good, look who is coming to town. Joe Biden, who is not running for President, will be in Elizabeth Warren country to show his support for striking workers. Clearly he has no idea what he is doing.

We know the thought process is rally the troops and get the votes. Joe needs to look like the good guy right now since his hands on approach has lead the Dems to turn on him.

The main stream media isn’t reporting that the workers feel entitled to harass anyone who still shops at the store. I wonder if Joe even knows about it. Not the best image you want of endorsing harrassment of the same people you want ro vote for you.

I’m going to predict what will happen. He will show up, shake hands, fight the urge to grope anyone and give a speech saying something to the effect of ” big business needs to be more aware of the needs of its employees” blah blah etc etc. Then he will get the hell out of dodge.

The only good thing that will come of this. With all the cameras around, the strikers will have to act like adults for a little while.

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