Damn it! No collusion

Oh, what’s a Democrat to do now. There was no collusion. There will be no charges. The wind just got taken out of their sail.

They had to back off the racist MAGA attacks. They are running out of people to accuse of sexual harassment. Plus they are having a hard time proving it.

The tax returns won’t mean much even if they get them because nobody cares. We know Trump is wealthy and we know businesses don’t like paying taxes. The only ones that will be upset are the ones that want to give away his money.

So what does that leave? After two years of pinning their hopes on Robert Mueller to take down the evil orange man. He will be the target.

They will do everything in their power to prove that he was somehow in collusion with the President. They will accuse him of conspiracy, perjury, anything to make it look bad. Maybe we can even get someone to claim he sexually harrassed her back in the 60’s at Princeton.

Stayed tuned. The alreadg out of their minds dens are about to get worse.

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