WTF personals

Meet Topher. He is a Houston Astros fan, lives with his parents and palys with toy trains.

He has a goal though, being the boy toy for cheerleaders is coming to an end.

Better hurry ladies. Its already May.

Can you already tell where this is going? This guy is your dream if you want the quick hook up with a homie.

You know the hat is just a turn on and says he is all about being responsible.

What the hell does ” shoot ya shot ” mean? Dodging bullets at a drug deal is for the second date. You can’t have a disease, because this stud ain’t about to wrap his sperm javelin up in no rubber. Good luck with that child support. And you have to have a iphone. That I don’t even understand. But look at it this way, if you are a single female with an android, onlydnice here won’t try and turn you into his personal porn star. You are safe now.

Devin is all about him, I mean you, hence the shot of him at the gym. He knows the juiced up muscles is the best way to impress.

Topless bathroom selfie, gets them every time. But what he said to say was so sweet and romantic.

Let me translate ” I’m full of myself and when I want to get laid I’ll want you around”.

Next we have the catch of the day.

Christon is a musician, or in other words, unemployed. So dinner is on you babe if you want a date with the next Puff Daddy. Oh, and

Your driving because he is in between BMW’S right now. His day consists of getting up at noon and taking bed selfies.

and getting high.

Magic___D follow me on soundcloud, I’m out.”

Ok so i write instrumentals and I”m working on becoming a producer, i smoke weed cuz i have depression and anxiety uhhh idk what else to say ask me ig.

And now, your bachelorettes..

Rebel Faith only get scarier from here. That pictureabout then most nornal thing. Here is a hint, she is a security guard.

who enjoys being bossy and white guys.

seeking my WHITE prince..”

I have a very outgoing personality. who loves white guys(for the other guys who just looking at pictures), and I love taking risks in life to see where it leads me.i am easily distracted not gonna lie. I have an rebellious side when withheld or restricted by anyone so guys who looking to control me think again.i am also kind hearted, self confident(off and on), very playful in and out of the bedroom ;),trying to Independent,and i am always easy to get along with and talk to.side note so you all know before hand I don’t has an “every thing’s peachy” attitude and that what I love about myself.

Baby92love says isn’t looking for a commitment, just some to leach off and pay for another chest tattoo.

If that isnt the ” I’ll suck a dick for cash” look. But at least she is honest about her intention.


I’‘m 26. I can be a homebody But I also like adventure. I am looking for a sugar daddy.serious inquires only. 

I like the outdoors. I’m very out going. I have my own kind of personality. I can also be shy. But I think I’m a pretty great person.

I am always up for trying new things and going to new places as well as meeting new people. 

I do not use snap chat, kik, or any of that. 
If you want to talk message me on here but I do have facebook. 

Honestly, I can’t even poke fun at this one, J just loved her description.

Why do guys share pics of biceps? We don’t care ??”

This is a dating site upload a profile picture and a real one or I won’t respond. 

Single mother of two beautiful crazy girls 13 and 6 years old. I am an electrician apprentice for a great company. I am not easily impressed. I am looking for someone for long term hopefully but quickly know if it won’t make it that far. I may not know what I want but I do know what I do not want. 

I have a gym membership I pay for and don’t use. ????? 
Chubby I guess not skinny not fat. 

I am down to earth. Have a routine. Don’t waste time with someone that holds no future for me. 

I am ABSOLUTELY done with drug addicts. No no no!

Conversation Starters

(i.e. what you’d like to do on a first date…)


I am not interested if:

Don’t work.
Don’t drive.
Drug issues past or current.
Mommy issues.
Hung up on ex.
Play games.

And with that she just wiped out 95% of the guys on here.

Last, but on least, the hottie of the day.

TattedBBW28 literally only posted that picture. Use your imagination guys because I don’t think the rest of her is good.

Looking for your TattedBBW”

Hello there,
I’m on here looking to date and to meet that special someone. Don’t hit me up for a hookup ty

Trust me, I won’t be hitting you up.

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