Fun with a pee pee gun !!

TAMPA (WFLA) – A Florida man is behind bars after a man shot a woman with a water gun containing his own urine. 

According to the Gulf Port Police Department, Joel Benjamin,71, approached a woman walking her dog on April 13 just before 9:30 p.m. on 58th Street South when he squirted the woman with his own urine several times. 

Benjamin admitted to deputies that he did shoot the woman and stated that he would “do it again.”

Benjamin has been charged with one count of battery

This is yet another reason why you just visit Florida, don’t live there. I’m dying to know , did he just piss right into he gun or was it more complex? Pee in a bottle, then transfer it. Either way we can be sure of one thing, He didn’t wash his hands.

This woman just goes out to walk her dog, and like a creep in a park stalking his prey, aims and fires. Because what woman wouldn’t want a golden shower from a guy he looks like he wears plaid shorts.

I could ask why he hung around to get arrested, but it looks like he takes prides in his work. he has well earned the nickname of the “pee pee soaker” and now every Dollar store and department store has his picture up with the caption ” DO NOT SELL SQUIRT GUNS TO THIS MAN”.

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