Plenty of personals

You guys wanted it to come back, so here we go. Back to the personals.

Sugarplum wrote no description, so I do it for her. She likes bathroom selfies and I’m guessing being loud and annoying while thinking shes all that.

The tittoo gives away the Blissums has plenty of kids at home and won’t say if she has a car, so I guess no. Her choice of possible male suitors.

That should be easy in Westfield, you just have to find the one that isn’t already your friends baby daddy.

Janily is single and lives in Becket, which is why she looks pissed. But she doesn’t want anything serious, unlike her pictures.

Sexy girl. She only has one demand if you want to be her man

If you cant afford the Cheesecake Factory take your broke ass home!

You know you are taking her out for dinner.

No comment, that speaks for itself.

Michael wants to get married! He just needs a girl and

to be able to stay awake long enough to find her.

Our next batchelor is a catch ladies. Meet Superman!

Not what I remember Superman looking like, but ok. He has no kids.

But loves them so much he picks up random toddlers to walk along the beach with.

So if you are looking to be his next baby momma he doesn’t talk about, send him a message. To this his snapchat.

And ask him what that means while you are at it.

If that didn’t get your panties all wet, this is pickup line.

That is a bring home to mom type guy. I can hear a crack ho yelling ” getz away from muh man” from here.

I thinks he is going as far in life as it looks, nowhere. And his pickup line is a fair warning.

Just saying ladies, I ain’t so good at keeping it in my pants or not reproducing.


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