Oh good, Chief Lizzie is here

Oh just shut the hell up Warren, you have no idea what these people are going through. You are just there for the photo op. And you need it, you are third in Massachusetts for the democrats. Binden is beating you and he isn’t even running.

I wonder, when you were standing in front of Stop and Shop fighting for the working people, did you remember that these aren’t folks that earned a million dollars last year? The don’t live in million plus homes in Cambridge? Did you ask if they live paycheck to paycheck? Nah, I’m sure you left that out.

This was nothing more than a patheic attempt by a desperate woman to try and earn votes. At the end of the day, she won’t care. Her Husband Bruce looks like he is her little bitch, we should ask him where he goes to get his deli meats.

I have one last question for Chief Lizzie. What were you doing in Massachusetts and how did you find it? We have barely seen you since you got re-elected. Actually, come to think about it, you checked out long before that.

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