You were warned

There is seems to be no shortage of ‘Hood Ubers” around. Why go through the proper channels to legal drive when you can just say ” I ‘m an Uber” on Facebook. We found Ash last week and she is still at it.

Tony is 100% right. Completely illegal and dangerous for both driver and passengers. Be real Ash, your not a bad looking young woman. One shitbag gets in your car and you become a Law and Order episode. Or vice versa, shitbag picks you up and boom.

This posting sparked such a debate. I hope you have a snack. This may take awhile.

We don’t Anthony. That is the problem. You don’t know if these people are legally operating their cars.

There is a big difference between friend and passengers. If something happens and the police start asking questions, they will know you are lying. My friend whos name I dont kmow or anything about them. How many arrests start with ” I just meet them”

In Massachusetts you have to pass a Cori check before driving for Uber or lyft. Just like you cant just paint your car yellow and call yourself a cab.

I would never wish ill will on anyone. But we have proper channels for a reason. Why put yourself at risk to earn $10 or save $10?

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