Trump isn’t your problem

Time to start firing up the TB Rider talks Polotics page again.

Chelsea Handler, the liberal now woke comedian is now blaming President Trump for sending her to a psychologist. Yup evil red man made her nuts and a pot head.

Handler explained during an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” that she went through a “midlife identity crisis” after Trump shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clintonfor the nation’s highest office, saying she never felt her life feel “so unhinged.”

You have to be kidding. In all fairness, I have never seen her preform or watched her show. So I only know of her name. It doesn’t matter. Trump didn’t do this to you. You were already messed up.

This is what is so enjoyable about the woke liberals. They are somehow victims because they don’t like conservative white men. Its ok Chelsea, I have no interest in you either.

The liberal comedian also spoke about having “white guilt” and how she realized in therapy that she had believed she didn’t have “the right to be in pain” because she hadn’t been raped or molested.

So you weren’t a real victim, but the white guilt can do you in. Lucky for her every Democrat running for office want to pay reparations. Get your checkbook out and write Didi a big fat check. But lets be real, she lives on Bel Air. It’s safe to say she isn’t driving through Compton feeling bad for anyone.

Be honest Chelsea you are a liberal who saw a bandwagon and jumped on it. You don’t really feel sorry for minorities because rhey are balck or latino. If you did, that would, grab your pearls, make you a racist. Yup looking at a black woman and thinking ” wow. I’m sorry your a black woman” isnt good.

So just to summarize, liberal white woman who has been unemployed as a talk show host since 2018 blames Trump for her problems on another talk show to keep her name in the highlines and let everyone know how woke she is.If anyone needs a therapist it should be all us normal people who was to live our lives and voice our opinions but have to deal with the liberals sayjng we are wrong and trying to silence us.

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