Trash for Rent

Does something already not sound right. You refuse to take out the trash, which you were being paid $25 to do, and now because you pay full rent you are a liability? And to think, this is all happening at the beginning of the month, I’m guessing you haven’t pay the rent yet.

So stuff has been broken for years that he won’t fix but he raised your rent the same day and told your husband to stop working because employed people are a liability? Is anyone else confused by this?

Now you never talked to the landlord, so how did he inform you of the raise in the rent, and you told him no trash? Hang on though, she is about to lose her shit in the best way, being asked simple questions.

Something isn’t right. Each landlord paid her to take the trash out for all tenants for $25. I have never meet a landlord that pays to take all the other tenants trash out. So this would also mean all the problems with things broken are passed down from landlord to landlord.

Nope, because people running for mayor have answers to questions. And of course, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

She was going for the sympathy vote, because yesterday everyone gave her a high five for saving a toddlers life.

And 13 high fives for a story that does sound that believable, but it is on Facebook so it must be true.

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