Orginal idea

Well it has been one hell of a Friday. Between Kokea having another day off from work and spending the whole day whinng on our Facebook page and thinking she is smarter than everyone to, ready, Barstool ripped off the whole classifieds idea.

I doubt they will respond. It was so fake it wasn’t funny. So the blogger went through Craigslist, found wierd items and got into arguments with the posters. But they fucked up.

See it? Craigslist doesn’t provide a way to contact someone with Facebook messenger. Email or if provided a phone number. And they don’t post sellers names. If they did I would be in heaven.

My guess is the blogger used two accounts to fake fight with himself or another blogger. But hey, I’m honored that a site that big stole my idea. Granted I wouldn’t create a fake fight with a seller, but I also don’t live in an overpriced apartment in NYC and need the money from every click I can get.

So thanks for visiting the website Barstool !!

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