Complaint of the day.

So as everyone may have seen MB did a blog about a dog gofundme. I thought it was well done. Although she doesn’t blog much, dogs are are passion and God help everyone when she sniffs out a fraud. In a way, I wish she could find more to expose.

The post got some attention, but nothing excited because some do better than others and at the end of the day this is a hobby not a job. The ads at the bottom or hopefully just to cover the cost of the website at this point. I would love to see the views blow up bigley, but I also know there is a regular group of followers and I’m glad we can give you guys a cheap laugh or put someone in there place.

So here are the numbers on that blog.

45 reads on day one and a few over the weekend. And then today.

345 and counting. What happened? Hell if I know. But I’m good with it. And as we all know, it brought some complaints.

Kokea Johnston found it and decided to not let a sleeping dog lie. After not rattling Catlin and Donnas cage, she invited Catlin herself to join the fight.

Kokea did you actually love your own response? But you guys are smart and nobody took there bait. So guess you emailed me? Hi Kokea! Her email is a different spelling, but I knew it was her.

Did you really think I was going to give up a name? Funny part, I don’t know it. She knows mine, and while my old pal TB Rider is in jail I use my real name to comment on Turtleboy, but I would give anyone up to be harrassed.

Where did Trump come from? Are you that liberal that everything you don’t like is Trump related? But just for the hell of it, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! Suck on that Kokea! You can say what you want, we are fine with you not reading or giving your opinion. I make no apologies if you are an ADULT and cant handle criticism, or the fact that the first amendment protects everyone, not just you

Still, not getting under my skin, she tried again

Nothing is more fun than calling some throwing an adult hissy fit fake. And you have been on the site, you sent your complaint via the contact page.

I knew who it was, just wanted to piss her off. She failed. I’m not some panzy who will run, hide and cry while saying sorry for posting something. If its up there, I’ ll stand by it, even of I didn’t write it.


  1. This is pathetic. The spelling/grammar is atrocious, stories are stupid, page views are sad. Please stop, you are NOT associated with Turtleboy Sports.


    • No kidding. They arent stories they are jokes about ads, hence the name of the site. We are well aware this isn’t a Turtleboy site, nor does claim to be. But since it is my site, I’ll post what I want. Feel free not to follow.


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