Used car lawyer

So “Lucy Loo” real name Lindsay Lancto from Pittsfield has a used car problem and needs a lawyer. She also seems like she is missing a dog filter.

Well at least it isn’t a bathroom selfie.

That’s better.

So She has a problem and needs a facebook lawyer.

Did you google ” used car lawyer” ? Nothing came up. Obviously lawyers aren’t going to waste time with small claims or used car complaints. They know there is no money and if your suing someone over s $2000 car, you aren’t going to pay them.

We know you haven’t been in and out of court several times, small claims is kind of a one shot deal, It sound more like to me you bitched about the car you bought and this guy let you swap it and your not happy with the second one. Because you thought for a few grand you would get a problem free brand new car, and once the 30 day expired you learned the hard way cars cost money. I don’t know shit about your problem, but I know I’m right. The simple fact that you won’t tell the story or name the place is a red flag.

The comments all refereed her to the bar association or the DA, like they care. I would recommend Attorney Dick N Vulva.

At least we can deliver some good news to Lindsay, the DNA test are back..

And Nicholas, you ARE THE FATHER !!!!!!!

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