Poor Richards tax returns

A TB Rider talks Politics blog.

Richard Neal, probably one of tbe least exciting Democrats out there, has sent a request to the IRS for Trump’s tax returns. Because the Russian collusion thing didn’t work out as planned.

This is sad, really. The Dems are starting to recycle their lets get him ideas. They may have actually run out of stuff to try and take Trump down with. It really is a witch hunt at this point.

The election is just 19 months away and they know they really got nothing. Currently 18 wackos running on the “everything is free” plan. And one guy who isn’t running is leading the pack. Lets go all #metoo on him. Keep your hands to yourself Joe!

This will fail. Most people just don’t care. But the left will still act like they have the smoking gun. Next up, they got a tape of Trump possibly talking about grabbing a womans vagina. Ohhh, you got him now !!!!

Stay tuned. Ill be going over the “highlights” of each Democratic candidate. It will mae you do Republican it will hurt.

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