Pearl clutching Kathy

Meet Kathy, she has an old lawn tractor to sell.

Wella somebody did buy it for $200. You would think that would think that would be the end of it, but of course not.

That bastard ! How dare he buy it from her then try to sell it to make money. Grab your pearl necklace Kathy!

Obviously she never bother to ask him what he planned on doing with it. It more like she is mad because she didn’t get that much. It turns out this guy is well know for repairing machines and selling them, and true to the theme lately, Kathy didn’t get the response she wanted.

That is how it works Kathy. If the man puts time and money into fixing it up he can sell it for his cost plus a profit. Its not a scam. When you trade a car in do you think the dealer resells it for the same price he paid you?

Why were you lookkng for it online anyway? Its an old lawnmower you got paid for so let it go. I get the feeling you hold up the line at the store alot complaining that the cashier over charged you.

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