Don’t mess with a Homie and his Honda

Meet Josh Davila

I think the hat should tell you where this is going. So Josh has a problem, his Honda wont pass inspection because the windshield is broken. So he put a ghettorific sticker over it figuring that would work.

But no dice. So he did what any responsible car owner would do, and asked Facebook where he can get one without the car being legal. He wasn’t happy about being called out on it.

You don’t need to take a picture of the plate number, it is on his Facebook page. And Josh, you just posted online that you were looking for someone to break the law to save you money. Anyone who answers you is dumber than you are.

You are Right Honda cool guy, the problem is the the shop that gave you the sticker can face heavy fines and suspension by the state, but its cool, you gave the guy $100 . Smarter than us dumb people that keep our cars legal.

Ok, I have no idea what Corey said, but this is a race thing now? Try its a legal thing you fucking moron.

That smart Joe, then again, you aren’t that smart.

You got something on your chin buddy.

The the ” we got u back ” parade ended, and ended fast.

Don’t worry, Josh wasn’t going down without a fight, after all, the hat and the Honda, he is the coolest most badass guy he know.

you posted this publicly, and the offered ” free ass kicking” for people being “nosy”. No, they are telling you how the real world works. We know, you thought a list of inspection stations that are willing to break the law for you would magically appear.

Wow, , umm, Josh you came in here crying about the big meanie who called you out. Once again, everyone else just is pointing out how fucking dumb you are, you’re just to dumb to know it.

Everyone be jealous, he is going to go buy a PS4 instead of paying to fix his windshield. Then in a quick turn he attempted to spin himself in to the bullied victim.

You missed the whole point here Josh, I just don’t have time to explain it to you. I will leave you on one last thing he said.

You have no money, otherwise we would be here, your car is a busted piece of shit, so we don’t want that. And nobody is going to say anything to you, why, not from fear of this

its because at the end of it you are just not important and odds are normally people don’t hang around the same shithole places as you.

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