Cry me a River

The 413 sure is all teary eyed today.

crying up a storm today!!

Well, your boy shouldn’t be driving because he is clearly blind if he didn’t see that. It turns out they were posted as banged up, he was just stupid and bought them anyway.

Meanwhile Anthony waiting for the rally cries to get the bad man to roll in, but it just didn’t happen.But somehow the English language got reinvented.

The whole inspect before you trade thing should be obviously, but…

Ah, I think they are saying he should have looked at it??

Look at what is being written? 14 seems way to old for this stuff.

Sounds like Dale learned some new dirty words at school today !!!!

I honestly feel like I have lost some intelligence reading this post, and I really just gave you the highlights. But we will end with Nick, who had the most normal comment in the whole post.

True that

True that.

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