Time to swap homes

Wow, you read it correctly, she is literally asking for a new free home. I dont know alot about campers or mobile homes other than they are made of fairly cheap materials, place in parks, most people that live in the dont do much to sway the ” trailer park trash” image, and tornados absolutely love destroying them.

I’m finding it very very hard to believe that this women lives in one that is 71 years old. That would be a lot of maintenance. Oh, thats right, its being condemned. And a two bedroom that holds a famiky of four? Thats not something your towing behind the old pickup truck. But check Misty, yup Misty, a name that isn’t associated with high class, out.

Yup, if that doesn’t cry a family portrait from a mobile home. I bet she doesn’t understand why some people dont have wheels on their homes.

New Hampshire, that makes much for sense. I’m surprised her resume looks like that with all that schoolin she got.

One year was enough. And by the way Misty, your trailer is falling apart, not fallen, that is past tense.

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