Money is tight

Ok, so looking for cheap bales of hay for goats isn’t the most exciting thing. But here is an idea, please don’t claim money is tight, that is a red flag. And it was.

Yes she needs a service dog because without one she is like to just sit in a coner trying to decide if she she off herself or not. But money is tight and she is having problems with the payments. So she turned to her friends and they opened their wallets.

Damn, only $217? How could people not want to help? Oh, here is an idea. Don’t beg for money right be before going to Disneyworld!

I mean, going to Disneyworld doesn’t cost much, right?

Sea World, that cost less than a tank of gas. I’m guessing all that was doctors orders to help with her therapy.

I heard space mountain helps calm you down.

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