That won’t work

HAHAHA, you want a car or truck for $600 that will pass inspection? Obviously nobody is sending him pics, so that didn’t work. I love the ” or I don’t want it” part. Dude, you aren’t threatening anyone with anything. All you are going is telling them you are really stupid but somehow think you are smart.

He lives in Ware, what a surprise. And he claims to be single, I can’t imagine why.

Yup, he will never just a woman again. Looks like if you are looking for love in Ware you maybe out of luck. Everyone else can sleep well tonight. I won’t call you a sad boy, pathetic fits better.

Then his buddy stepped up to cheer him up.

That just makes no sense, wtf? Kenny doesn’t look like the brightest bulb on the tree either.

Hang in there Sage, I’m sure you will find a real keeper like Kenny did.

nuff said.

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