Rents due

Bong hoses bascially. Of course when you google it, it says hookah but lets be might sell in Southbridge but not Sturbridge. Thankfully she has a backup plan

Sell the kids toys. Sorry baby we need the money. According to her page her kids are 4 and 1, so Im sure they wont miss them.

Selling things a is change for her and her man they usually beg for stuff.

Hold on, we will get to the Sturbridge thing on a minute.

I’m sure all the donations will be for sale soon.

So ya. They live in Sturbridge. There is a section 8 complex called Heritage Green, which is tucked in the woods so you can’t see it. And there is a waiting list, obviously, Sturbridge section 8 is like winning the lottery. And yet they almost screwed that up, GoFundMe to the rescue.

Ok, that isnt alot. Especially to get an apartment. Half that story didn’t make sense, then again, its about the kids having a safe place. Lets see if the boyfriend gets it right.

Hard to believe he was unemployed.

There goes the whole paycheck to paycheck thing.

This is pathetic. You are selling bong hoses and your kids toys to pay a $400 a month rent. My I suggest a job at one of the many hotels or restaurants in Sturbridge. Not glamorous but it is something.

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